Saturday, 28 June 2014

Zanzibar | Nungwi


Day 4 of our vacay in Zanzibar consisted of spending the day on the north-western part of the island called Nungwi. We started the day by visiting the Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond, where I totally lost my isht because sea turtles are my spirit animal. I am positively in love with the creatures (even named our slow little green car after them) and seeing them up close was a dream come true for me.

Afterwards, we walked along the beach and came across the area where the traditional fishing boats, dhows, are constructed and put together. The dhows are all made by hand, from cutting and bending of the wood, to even the drill that they use. You’d think that to insert all those huge nails into the boats, they’d make use of an automated drill. They don’t. What they do use is probably the equivalent to a medieval drill made up of three individual parts, where one literally rolls two sticks perpendicularly across from each other by means of some rope whilst keeping the nail in position. It was insane to witness. You can only imagine how many nails a boat requires. Naturally, my handy-man of a husband jumped in to give this drilling contraption a try.  And was not as easy as it looks!

By then, we were fast approaching Thuur (midday prayer time) and made our way to a nearby village to perform salaah (prayer) at a local mosque. Which was just a little more than a house with a fruit stand in front of it. I couldn't help but snap a photograph or two of the cute kids in their salaah tops and fezzes.
With all the walking that had been done on the beach, we had worked up quite an appetite, so we drove to a beach where we lunched at the Baraka Bungalow. The food didn't look like much but man, was it delicious! It was best grilled octopus I had tasted so far. With our tummies stuffed and eyes intent on shutting, we relaxed on the beach whilst taking in the beautiful views. Not long after, we ended the day trip with some snorkeling off the coast of Nungwi. The boat trip alone to the snorkeling spot was spectacular as we witnessed the island’s beautiful yet rugged coastline, which was equally filled with resorts and hotels all vying for a piece of its beauty.  

Now, I am an absolute water baby, once in, it is very hard to get me out. The water temperature was divine, viewing the marine life on the sea bed was incredible and I couldn't help but feel so fortunate to be experiencing all of it with my family. It was my own little piece of heaven, even if it was just for one day.



  1. Magical!! I can't even choose my favourite pic there are so many...

  2. I came here after I saw your comment on Haute Hijabi's insta post on Zanzibar and im so in love with place! Its one of the places on my bucket list since forever!