Friday, 6 June 2014

Trend Report

You've probably noticed a trend on the fashion scene recently that could be described as minimalist, as it is void of any strong or vibrant colour palette, prints or pattern with accessories also being kept to a minimum. The aesthetic could definitely be viewed as plain, even bordering as boring. Not exactly what a fashionista hopes to achieve!

For the majority of the fashion-loving community, clothes are a means for expressing one’s unique personality. For some, it is a way of displaying to others how you’re not like everyone else without having to say a word. “Normcore” is the antithesis of that outlook.

Normcore, a term first coined by New York-based trend forecasting group K-Hole, embodies a look that is considered normal or average in styling. It is a conscious effort in trying in blend in with the crowd and not differentiate oneself from others by what one is wearing. The main source of inspiration for the trend is Jerry Seinfeld, back in the day when he starred in his successful TV show. Or basically your Dad, circa 1995. I’m pretty sure we can easily recall a time when our Dads wore high-waisted denim jeans, some nondescript t-shirt or jersey (with a good chance of it being tucked into those jeans) worn with a pair of trainers. The late Steve Jobs’ “style”, with his basic black polonecks, also comes to my mind.

So how does one do Normcore today? It’s definitely not as dull as the 90’s influences. The garments lack busy detailing, are for the most part loose in shape, but not sloppy and stick to a neutral colour palette. The look is sporty but not sports luxe. It is simple but not necessarily tailored and it’s unisex. What I personally love about this trend is that it looks so darn comfy! Which is exactly what I look for in clothes come winter. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a sweatshirt worn with your favourite pair of denims and sneakers. Plus you can save some of your hard earned pennies by rummaging through your dad’s wardrobe! Is this a look you'll be trying out this season? If you’re keen, have a look at some inspiration I've put together for you, demonstrating how you can stand out by blending in ;)


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  1. Love this! Perfect timing too, I've been trying out a minimalist approach to my wardrobe this past few months.