Sunday, 17 November 2013


Salaam lovely readers! I hope you have had a lovely weekend thus far. After Friday and Saturday's intense down pour here in Cape Town, I'm sure you're making the most of today's sunshine! The look post I'm sharing with you today was actually taken about two months back. 
I'm surprised I had forgotten to post it! 

This look consists of  a few of my favourite items, chinos; a classic white shirt; a simple woollen blazer - I love that it doesn't have any lapels or even a collar - and a pair of leather boots. These items can easily be paired with lots more in your wardrobe and they really are staples in anyone's cupboard. They're easy and comfortable to wear and it's one of those outfits I pull out when I'm not in the mood to think about or plan a look because I really just want to get out the door as quickly as possible.

What are your staple or key items for a comfortable yet chic look?


Blazer: Country Road
Shirt: Twist
Mens Chinos: Mr Price
Boots: Zara
Scarf: Woolworths
Leather Bag: Lulu Belle

PS - Yes, my shirt is missing a button, it happens after five years of wear. Aaand I'm to lazy to sew on a new one or Photoshop it on.


  1. Didn't even notice the missing button. Lovely neutral colours xxx

    1. Thanks Emma! I don't how I feel about matching the garage door and boundary wall :)

  2. Nice outfit dear!


  3. wonderful color combo and jacket:)
    please visit me in free time:)
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  4. Your scarf totally makes this outfit special. You look beautiful. Woolworths? Many years ago in the US, Woolworth's was the company that had the so-called 5&10 (meaning items for five and ten cents), similar to a Walmart of today. You could buy inexpensive items of all kinds and usually they had a counter where you could get a hot dog or a grilled cheese sandwich, maybe an ice cream float or a coffee. Somehow I think your scarf from Woolworth's is not the same company!! It's too pretty!!! But maybe it is, in which case I need to find one and shop there. :-)